Passion’s Publisher

Editoriale C&C intercepts market niches looking for of a point of reference.

With its specialized magazines and web products it guides its users-readers in their passions, keeping them informed and updated.

Thanks to a group of collaborators built with years of experience, we lead the community and with the quality of our information we dominate trends.

Our communities

By working for readers and users with quality products, C&C has become a niche leader.

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Our topic-worlds

health and wellness topic

The C&C Editorial is a point of reference for those who want to live according to nature

Editorial C&C has chosen to address an audience of doctors and supporters of natural medicine with a magazine and a television production.

A specific and precise niche of users has thus been circumscribed. Efforts are aimed at spreading the use and culture regarding alternative medicine, signal medicine, homeopathic medicine. Thanks to the vision of a prominent doctor like Luca Speciani.

We also choose to emphasize healthy nutrition by proposing Healty recipes and integrating them into a coherent medical proposal.

Living topic

The signature design that distinguish Italy around the world.

Editoriale C&C is present in the world of Living with an approach aimed at exploring architectural solutions rooted in materials, design and history of Italian architecture. The effort is aimed at a category of professionals attentive to quality and style. To companies and artisans who find in our magazine a point of reference and a confirmation of value. We speak to an audience of Living enthusiast who seek beauty.

Automotive Topic

Editoriale C&C has always been the reference point for specific categories of the Automotive sector.

The automotive world is vast, but Editoriale C&C has identified its niche space, becoming synonymous with technical quality. Whether they are heavy transport professionals or vintage off-road vehicles drivers. The experience made by Editoriale C&C within the automotive market has allowed it to attract prominent expert such as engineer Chiti and engineer Chirico. Generations of Engineers and enthusiasts keep up to date with our publications. We have been dealing with motor vehicles for almost 40 years, dedicating more than 5000 pages every year. Editorial C&C has found several communities of readers who receive unique products.

Hunting and shooting sport Topic

Fans of the world of wildlife, hunting and shooting live with us as an active part of a community

With 84 publications on newsstands every year, 6 websites and more than 11,000 pages edited every year, Editoriale C&C guides and educates enthusiasts of all ages who consult our material for news and follow the evolution of a world in continuous development. The production of video material collects the highest numbers in Italy and builds a community with fans of all ages.

Lifestyle Topic

Life is passion, Editoriale C&C has chosen some timeless sectors and embraced their essence.

In Italy we live with passion, it is part of our DNA. Some passions deserve more attention that can hardly be transmitted in other ways. With the magazine in hand, we make our readers travel through wonderful territory. We guide them with care in worlds rich in centuries-old know-how such as knives and watches. These readers belong to a cluster that relates to more than seven hundred thousand enthusiasts. The effort of Editoriale C&C brings 32 issues a year to newsstands and involves 60 thousand people every day on the Web to try to respond to all those niches of enthusiasts who live with passion and are looking for a high-value product.

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