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Passion evolve and grow. Editoriale C&C is always there to offer high-profile communication to its communities. To guide them, support them over time and help them grow, together.

Daniele Cafieri, Publishing director

Editoriale C&C was founded in the late 1970s when Antonio Cafieri conceived the idea of Autotecnica, transforming a series of assay into a monthly magazine.

Autotecnica begins to be published with the experience of a group of expert technicians in the automotive sector. They had the ambitiuos purpuse of transmitting knowledge and technical advances to automotive enthusiasts.

By 2013, Editoriale C&C had become the opinion-leader of a community of passionate technicians.

Daniele Cafieri, Pubblishing director

Community leader

Being an excellence in dissemination and embodying a functioning business model, Editoriale C&C has acquired and launched a series of magazines and Web products that made it Opinion-Leader of many other sectors.

Editorial C&C has identified market niches that have struggled to create cohesive Web communities because they are still tied to printed technical information.

Market niches that require a high added value, such as that of health or living. Where the experience of a well-known doctor or the architect in love with the profession leave a strong mark.

With time it opened up to the Lifestyle market niche by offering specific products (such as “Itinerari e luoghi” for travel or “Chrono Passion” for watch enthusiasts) that are not afraid to tackle large markets by targeting niches of true enthusiasts.

Editoriale C&C ranks as a leader in niches with a high positioning value, where it thrives by collaborating with an active reader-user community hungry for quality information from the big names in the sector.

Eng. Franco Daudo Editor of “Auto Tecnica”

Our passions

Editorial C&C is center piece around which magazines and Web products orbit. With the experience gained with more than thirty years of traditional publishing and the courage to innovate of those who have participated in the web race since since the early 2000 Editoriale C&C has built a pool of experts and a network of relationships in the sectors where it has chosen to operate.

Over time, Editoriale C&C has become instrument and voice for enthusiasts and curious people:

Of enthusiasts who strongly share a passion to which they devote time and great interest.

Of curious who recognize in our products a great value proposition.


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