Hunting and shooting sport Topic


The magazine speaks to all gun enthusiasts, keeps them up with technical innovations, tests model and report insights on topics such as legal developments in the sector, magazines round and collecting.


The bimonthly release Coltelli (knives) is the only magazine in Italy that deals with the subject and collects everything that revolves around this fascinating instrument. Whether they are artisanal or industrial, Coltelli keeps track of exhibitions, product presentations, techniques, maintenance and accessories.


The technical care for the tests carried out on a wide range of defense, hunting and military weapons represent the reference for readers. The magazine’s attention is oriented between the passion for the instrument, the sport of shooting, with an eye on hunting to provide the enthusiast with all the material to keep up with the world of weapons.


Today more than ever hunting pushes the hunter into contact with nature. The magazine deals with hunting, hunting techniques, dog lovers and weapons with great experience, but is especially dedicated to the enthusiast who keeps up to date and wants to contribute constructively to the conservation of the territory and wildlife. In fact, great importance is given to the ethics of hunting, a feature that has always inspired the hunting magazines of the C&C Publishing Group.

Beccacce che passione

Beccacce che Passione has a strong following of enthusiasts. Readers are involved in the editorial life and live it almost like a community. The team of experts that animates the editorial staff addresses topics of interest such as hunting techniques, wildlife management, national and international scientific studies and surveys on Scolopax rusticola and much more! Everything you need for enthusiasts.


A unique product that presents an exclusive showcase of advertisements for the sale of new and used weapons from the best armories in Italy. Arms Showcase is the only Web channel in Italy where the user can browse products outside the official channels of the armories in a free market context.


The demanding and passionate dog lovers who form the ranks of the readers are fond of this magazine. It represents a document that traces the history of modern dog lovers. Each issue offers news articles and dog culture, with interviews with professionals and technicians, with extensive photo shoots of the most important events.


This magazine is a unique product designed for hunting enthusiasts, it is dedicated to those who practice home reloading of ammunition. It collects articles dedicated to reloading arrangements for the preparation of shotgun cartridges to try to meet the needs of readers who over time have joined our “family”: Passionate reloaders interested in recipes for “do-it-yourself” cartridges !


If the reader wishes to buy or sell a weapon, evaluate the prices of the second-hand market or compare alternatives, Armishop is a magazine that offers a practical overview of the weapons market.

Special Issues

The “Speciali” are a collection of monographs on hunting and wildlife management, hunting canine, sporting weapons, ammunition, reloading and cooking of game. The authors of the special issues of Editoriale C&C are recognized as the most prepared and authoritative signatures in the sector. The monographs also complete and deepen all the issues that are proposed every month in our periodicals dedicated to hunting and sport shooting.

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