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For almost 30 years Itinerari e Luoghi has been considered a practical, useful and reliable tool for traveling; His reputation is high among readers because it describes the territories professionally by experiencing it on the field. Publication of reference in Italy for those who want to witness the beauty of our territories. The texts are signed by travel journalists of fame who guide the reader through tested itineraries and share tips and useful addresses to discover the territories and live experiences.


Unghie&Bellezza declines the concept of beauty in the nail sector, International fashion trends are set in a wider cultural context. The pubblished art, fashion shows, design and graphics are increasingly becoming a source of inspiration for professionals. The enthusiast is informed about new trends, both decoration and reconstruction techniques, information and suggestions for professionals. There are tutorial sections and nail schools to grow the network of meetings between professionals and increase the quality standard of the sector.


Watches are a cult object, Chrono Passion is the magazine that allows fans to follow the market and learn about its logic, prices and trends. In its pages, divided into two sections, you will find the best and rarest lots by auction in the best houses around the world and new and second-hand watches offered by the best Italian watchmakers. Browsing through its pages, the reader will have the opportunity to know every nuance of a sector where design and mechanics continue to amaze.


CasAntica has carved out a role of prestige among the most demanding and cultured professionals. Often enthusiasts – between 35 and 65 years old – are willing to face a restoration firsthand or, being professionals and connoisseurs, observe a world in great ferment. The research and collection of contents is carried out directly in the field (as it rarely happens), with its own photographic services and talking and giving voice, as no one has ever done, to owners, designers, collectors of ancient materials, restorers, craftsmen and local workers.

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